Exploring the Rock Painting Trend

You might be familiar with the trend that hit a couple years back involving painting rocks. Although it might sound a little odd, it’s a positive community project that took off all over the world. It involves painting and sealing rocks and stones and hiding them around public areas for others to find.

If you find one of these rocks, they will likely have a “tag” of the group that the creator belongs to (usually Facebook). You are encouraged to post a picture to that group saying that you found it. You can either keep the rock or rehide it for someone else to find. It’s amazing that some rocks could potentially travel all the way across the country. The purpose of the project is to spread a little joy to someone’s day and to promote love and positivity.

If you decide to participate, please be mindful of the group rules. For instance, in my group, you shouldn’t hide rocks in stores (employees might think people are stealing in the store) or in National Parkways (it’s illegal!). You should label your rocks, post ones you find if possible, and only paint “family friendly” images (children are looking!). Please also be mindful of the environment! You should use a sealant for your rocks and avoid any foam or jewel stickers that could fall off and be eaten by animals. 

I was first invited to a rock group page on Facebook in July 2017. One of the first ones we found had a perfect (looked seriously professionally done) picture of Luigi from Mario Bros. on it! It was so exciting and we were so thrilled with our find that we decided to keep it. We still have it today, sitting on our dresser.

We absolutely wanted to contribute so we tried our hand at painting a few rocks and the boys were able to participate too! We hid our first rocks on July 4th, 2017. They weren’t spectacular but that didn’t matter! We had fun painting and hiding!

Image may contain: outdoor

As we continued our weekly searches, we began to find some really cool pieces of art. If it was up to my boys, we would have a house full of rocks! So, with patience, we learned how to keep only our most favorite and hide the rest for others to find. Each time we had a new “favorite” we would rehide the last one.

I started to get a little more confident in painting and soon started painting whole collections of rocks. Through trial and error, I discovered that I painted best on smaller smooth stones and often did smaller detail work with a toothpick and acrylics were my choice of paint. We sealed them with a mod podge spray that we found at our local Walmart. Here are some of the collections we worked on:

These Pokemon themed rocks made up our largest rock sets (missing image: Togepi Rock). It was created by myself, my husband and a friend. My favorite ones included my Magikarp and Gastly rocks, my friends Ditto, and my husbands Mankey. 

Pokemon Rock Set


This set is from an older Cartoon Network show called The Misadventures of Flapjack. 


This was my favorite set! I’m a big Harry Potter nerd and I was really inspired to do a rock for each Hogwarts house. I made a few extra rocks to go with the set and “awarded” points to whoever found a rock and posted! Of course, if you found the Golden Snitch, you won! Aside from the houses, my favorite was the Deathly Hallows symbol. I have no idea how I got that watercolor effect but it was perfect!


This was the last full set I made and I was super happy with the outcome! I decided to revisit the Adventure Time theme from the very first rock I painted. I love how the Ice King’s Crown turned out! 


Finally, we made these from Bob’s Burgers. My husband made Bob and I made Tina for a close friend. 









Although the fad has died down in our area, we still like to paint and hide rocks. The possibilities are endless! We love doing characters and have also done Teen Titans, Regular show, Mario, and Legend of Zelda but we’ve also done more abstract ones like zodiac signs, candles, watermelons, pawprints, etc. Whatever you can think of (or google!) you can bring to life on a rock. It is certainly worth trying, even if you aren’t an artist! I found it to be relaxing and I was so happy when people would post my rocks! If you haven’t already, look on Facebook for any local Rock Groups you can join and get in on the fun!

Until our next adventure!


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I am a 25 year old from Western North Carolina interested in phobias and fears after dealing with Anxiety and Panic Disorder over the last few years. It had such a debilitating effect on my life. I realized how much of life I was missing out on due to fear. I hope that by instilling courage in myself, I can instill courage in others to face their own fears and live life to the fullest capacity!

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    1. What an interesting experience you had! The rock painting trend here is still going strong and it’s nice to see joy around the community when someone finds a rock!

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