Arts and Crafts

There is nothing more beautiful and worthwhile in this world to me than art! I can’t wait to dive into this list and stretch my creative abilities!

  1. Paint Something See our adventure in painting here!
  2. Take a class on Craftsy
  3. Start Rock Painting        This is so much fun to do! Check out what I’ve done here!
  4. Make art out of something unusual
  5. Knit something
  6. Sew something wearable
  7. Carve a pumpkin
  8. Paint your room hot pink, purple, or green
  9. DIY your own decorations  Check out my post on the Spongebob Decorations I did: Birthday Party DIY – Spongebob Theme!
  10. Paint something using spray paint
  11. Make something out of clay
  12. Decorate your yard/ porch for a holiday
  13. Sew a memory quilt
  14. Make your own Soap I made these beautiful bars of soap using the M&P method! Check out my experience making these: Make Your Own Beautiful Bar of Soap
  15. Make something out of duct tapeI made a mini tote COMPLETELY out of duct tape!
  16. Take an art class
  17. Decorate a gingerbread house
  18. Crochet
  19. Take a great picture and frame it
  20. Make a giant rubber band ball
  21. Start a scrapbook
  22. Make your own laundry detergent (DIY)    I no longer use store-bought detergent! Check out my experience DIY – Laundry Detergent
  23. Make an origami crane
  24. Do a 365 – day photo challenge
  25. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
  26. Glue a puzzle together
  27. Have professional pictures taken
  28. Find the coolest thing and photograph it
  29. Take a photo from the tallest building near you
  30. Take a photography class
  31. Make a dream board
  32. Build a Kite
  33. Make a blessings jar
  34. Make splatter paint art
  35. Attend a paint party
  36. Create an amazing cosplay costume
  37. Try pottery spinning
  38. Make DIY Christmas ornaments
  39. Go to a Painting with a Twist party
  40. Host a Bob Ross Painting Party
  41. Make a flower arrangement
  42. Make a handmade greeting card
  43. Make mosaic art
  44. Make a handmade gift
  45. Make a candle
  46. Make a piece of jewelry
  47. Try Glass Blowing
  48. Paint at a ceramic store
  49. Take pictures in a photo booth
  50. Make stained glass
  51. Decoupage something
  52. Tie-dye a shirt
  53. Make your own perfume
  54. Make a display for a Pressed Coin Collection
  55. Make a string art project
  56. Do a Paint-by-Numbers painting
  57. Do a creative theme for a child’s bedroom
  58. Do Squirt gun paintings
  59. Create a jar of sand layers from all the beaches you’ve been to
  60. Learn how to wire-wrap
  61. Make sand art
  62. Make Morse code bracelets
  63. Try metal stamping