Winner, winner

Isn’t social media amazing? For me, moving to a different state in high school meant that I was abandoning all of my friends there. But for me, social media sites like Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with them to some degree, despite the distance between us.

One of these friends happens to run a small online crochet and clay store through Facebook called Tarabites. She makes cute figurines and such, all hand made. Although I have no real knowledge of either craft, I enjoy seeing the new items on her page and supporting her in her business. I think a collaboration one day would be excellent so maybe I could cross off one of these crafts on my list!

For now though, I’ve inadvertently crossed off a different checklist item!

In August, my friend ran a giveaway on her page for a free custom keychain or crochet item. I was ecstatic to learn that I had won! I truly never win anything. At the end of the process, I had picked the 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario.

If you love this like I do and want one for yourself, check out Tarabites Facebook page.

It was so much bigger than I had expected and truly quality work. My kids went crazy over it. They brought it along trick-or-treating to compliment their Mario and Luigi costumes.

On another note, my husband won a giveaway this month too! At an airsoft tournament, he entered a raffle and won a new airsoft gun! He was thrilled!

You check out his team’s Facebook page: WNC Airsoft Liberty Division

I think it’s so neat that we both won something this year, especially since we very rarely win anything. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we did! It was definitely an unexpected check on my bucket list. The year’s not over yet so, finger’s crossed, maybe we win something else!

Until our next adventure,