Bob Ross Paint Along

Another painting challenge!

I’ve always thought the Bob Ross painting parties sounded like so much fun! I’m thrilled to have friends that felt similarly.

I felt that we would have more fun if we didnt take the night too seriously so we called up our close friends and planned it spontaneously for Fall Break.

We encouraged everyone to bring whatever supplies they had and luckily our group enjoys painting and everyone pooled there brushes, paints, and even a large pack of new canvases!

My husband and I have a large collection of acrylic paints and although Bob Ross traditionally uses oil paints, I wasn’t sure about investing in them quite yet since they can be expensive. One friend brought his collection of oil paints but I think that most of us felt a little intimidated to work with them, and the drying time that they would need. I love the idea of experimenting with them one day but it feels more suited to an intimate date night rather than a group event.

For dinner, we decided to do easy sliders with roasted brussel sprouts. We put out a cracker plate with cheese and salami and picked up a growler of hard apple cider from our local brewery. We also got a couple bottles of sparkling grape juice, pretzels, chips and our friends brought a rich chocolate and coffee cake that was to die for.

After everyone was through snacking, we found a comfortable place and put on Netflix. We randomly selected “Autumm Fantasy” (season 1, episode 24 from Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere).

As we followed along to Bob’s instructions, we found that we had to pause and rewind quite often! It was hard to keep up but we laughed along the way.

Because most of us used acrylics, we struggled with imitating his techniques exactly but we did our very best!

We all realized that as the video was paused, we would try to go back and “fix” what we had painted. This always was a mistake! It was better to leave it be once it was done! But the temptation was fierce.

Our pperfectionist attitudes might have contributed to the fact that it took significantly longer than expected and towards the end of the video, many of us were rushing to finish, but we did push forward and completed our masterpieces.

My most favorite part of the evening was seeing everyone’s finished works. Everyone had created their own vision, each a little different from the next. We had used different depths of color, different techniques, different interpretations.

Although everyone did well with their versions of “Autumn Fantasy”, I think my favorite by far was Emily’s, who made the most perfect mountains!

It was also fun to have something to take home after the night was over.

Each canvas was finished with our initials or signature as we completed our works of art.

I’m so glad that we did this spontaneous event. I had the best time with everyone and I’m already planning the next one!

Until our next adventures,