This category is for my bucket list of all things edible! I’m a picky eater but I vow to try at least one bite of some of these oddball foods. I’m not a very good cook but hopefully, after checking some of these off my list, I too can be a culinary master!

  1. Bake home-made bread
  2. Try 15 different ethnic cuisine
  3. Order room service
  4. Take a cooking lesson
  5. Take a baking class
  6. Give up meat for one week
  7. Host a fancy dinner party
  8. Eat caviar, brie, and lobster
  9. Make s’mores
  10. Make homemade ice cream
  11. Make homemade root beer
  12. Learn how to make a good mixed drink
  13. Have a signature drink
  14. Do a wine tasting
  15. Learn how to use chopsticks
  16. BBQ with charcoal
  17. Make reservations
  18. Eat a pickle pop
  19. Picnic in the park
  20. Eat from a street vendor
  21. Choose new pizza toppings
  22. Make/Decorate gingerbread men
  23. Smoke a fancy cigar
  24. Eat something REALLY CRAZY
  25. Have the restaurant staff sing “Happy Birthday”
  26. Toast with champagne
  27. Order something different
  28. Try 25 new recipes
  29. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  30. Give up caffeine for 1 month
  31. Build a 1-month food stockpile
  32. Drink only water for a week
  33. Try a different type of drink
  34. Try kombucha
  35. Try kefir
  36. Pick your own fruit
  37. Try 10 new fruits/berries/veggies
  38. Try juicing or smoothies
  39. Eat only fresh food for 1 week
  40. Eat at a restaurant alone
  41. Make fresh-squeezed juice
  42. Make homemade pickles
  43. Bake a giant cookie
  44. Bake a cake for someone   A birthday cake for my son’s 3rd birthday that I made with my friend!


  45. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  46. Bake your neighbor cookies  We’re friends with our neighbor since making these! It must be the recipe! 😉


  47. Eat KFC in Kentucky
  48. Eat maple syrup pancakes in Canada
  49. Make a recipe book
  50. Learn to make a 3-course meal from scratch
  51. Learn how to filet a fish
  52. Drink out of a coconut
  53. Eat an insect
  54. Start an herb garden
  55. Wade in a cranberry bog
  56. Milk a cow
  57. Make an “Anyone Can Cook” Cookbook
  58. Do a restaurant’s food challenge (and hopefully win a Tshirt or something!)
  59. Do a hot wings challenge
  60. Make a pizza from scratch
  61. Make pancake art
  62. Learn how to decorate cookies
  63. Make Rainbow Pasta
  64. Add mentos to coke
  65. Make soda with Dry Ice
  66. try Cloud bread

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