Culture and Language

So this is probably my favorite section! I love learning about cultures and languages! Take a look below to see if you can add any of these to your own bucket list!

  1. Become fluent in Spanish
  2. Become fluent in 3 different languages
  3. Learn 100 basic ASL signs
  4. Learn Morse Code
  5. Learn Gregg’s shorthand
  6. Hold a conversation with a Spanish speaker
  7. Teach my children basic ASL signs
  8. Learn to cook traditional Mexican cuisine
  9. Learn some words in Cherokee
  10. Attend a Pow wow
  11. Attend a  stickball tournament
  12. Speak with an elder
  13. Attend a basket weaving class
  14. Finish a book in Spanish
  15. Watch a movie in Spanish
  16. Learn a song in Spanish
  17. Visit the Cherokee Museum
  18. Read a holy book cover to cover
  19. Visit a church of a different religion
  20. Go where you are the minority
  21. Make a dream catcher
  22. Know local 10-codes
  23. Get a henna tattoo
  24. Attend a quinceanera

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