Family and Friends

Family (including the furry babies!) is the most important thing to me. My life changed drastically once I started my own family. Here are some milestones I’ve hit and some family-oriented activities to check off my bucket list!

  1. Meet the love of your life
  2. Go on a date and pretend you don’t know each other
  3. Go on a date in ridiculous clothes
  4. Get engaged
  5. Propose to your love
  6. Get married
  7. Have a wedding
  8. Renew your vows
  9. Buy a house
  10. Make your house a home
  11. Have an unusual pet
  12. Research your family tree
  13. Try
  14. Ask a child to teach you a song
  15. Ask an elderly person to tell a story
  16. Learn a recipe from your grandmother
  17. Take a family vacation
  18. Take the kids to Disney
  19. Write down generational stories
  20. DIY a “grandkids” memento for the family
  21. Look up the answer to a child’s question “why?”
  22. Have a child’s drawing turned into a stuffed animal
  23. Have a “date night” at home
  24. Create a date night jar with ideas for what to do
  25. Celebrate the anniversaries by traditional gifts
  26. Celebrate One Year Anniversary
  27. Celebrate Three Year Anniversary
  28. Celebrate Five Year Anniversary
  29. Get pregnant
  30. Read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”
  31. Read a parenting book
  32. Have a gender reveal party
  33. Throw a baby shower
  34. Go into labor!
  35. Have your water break
  36. Have a second child
  37. Kid’s first day of school
  38. Adopt a shelter animal
  39. Adopt a child
  40. Foster a child
  41. Take a family picture and frame it
  42. Give a speech
  43. Have a formal dinner party
  44. Make a toast
  45. Be a bridesmaid
  46. Be a maid of honor
  47. Create a family logo
  48. Create a family tree
  49. Have a New Year’s Eve kiss
  50. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet
  51. Learn how to fit a standard pillow in a king pillowcase!

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