Fun and Games

My favorite section! I wasn’t sure how long this would actually be! I’m a board game fanatic so this is likely the only list that doesn’t scare me so much! I’ve also included some date night ideas or anything that seems like fun in this section as well!  I hope to be able to check some of these off in the company of good friends and family!

  1. Learn a magic trick
  2. Host a scavenger hunt
  3. Finish a crossword puzzle
  4. Start a collection
  5. Beat a video game
  6. Play Rock Band or Guitar Hero
  7. Tell a joke on open mic night
  8. Complete a Rubiks cube
  9. Do a Sudoku every day for a year
  10. Play a D&D Campaign
  11. Buy a new set of D&D minis
  12. Buy a new board game
  13. Play a game of Chess
  14. Win a game of Chess
  15. Learn how to play poker
  16. Host a game night
  17. Play Twister
  18. Try a new gaming console
  19. Play a game online with friends
  20. Play a game on the computer
  21. Replay an old game
  22. Ugly Sweater Party
  23. Re-create your first date
  24. Share coffee at Sunrise
  25. Host a wine tasting
  26. Host a masquerade party
  27. Host a fancy dinner party
  28. Host an Escape Room Party
  29. Get a couples massage together
  30. Escape from an Escape Room
  31. Go to an escape room and act as your D&D characters would
  32. Participate in a friend’s roast
  33. Have a tarot reading done
  34. Do a tarot reading on someone else
  35. Play with an ouija board
  36. Attend/Host a murder mystery dinner Check out how I hosted my own murder mystery dinner in my blog!
  37. Build a house of cards
  38. Investigate an urban legend
  39. Learn how to juggle
  40. Go on a ghost hunt
  41. Win a stuffed animal at a carnival
  42. Win a prize at an arcade
  43. Ride on a Ferris wheel
  44. Play Darts
  45. Bet in a horse race
  46. Pose with a statue
  47. Slide down a firehouse pole
  48. stack dice in a cup