Music is a big part of my life. I can’t imagine going through life without it. This page is for all things musically inclined that I would like to experience some day. It includes personal music preferences and also some general things that are music related.

  1. Go to Warped Tour
  2. Take a lesson to learn an instrument
  3. Learn to play the violin
  4. Learn to play a song on the piano
  5. Learn to read sheet music
  6. Write a song
  7. Go to a Watsky concert
  8. Meet George Watsky
  9. See The Unlikely Candidates in concert
  10. See Hobo Johnson in concert
  11. See Andrew Mcmahon in concert
  12. Crowd surf
  13. Learn how to salsa dance
  14. Take a ballet class
  15. Sing Karaoke in public
  16. See a play or a musical
  17. Learn a dance
  18. Play the harmonica
  19. Be a part of a flash mob
  20. Listen to Classical or Jazz music for one hour
  21. Listen to a new radio station
  22. Go to a symphony
  23. Play relaxing sounds as you sleep
  24. Listen to a song that means something to someone else
  25. Gift someone song lyrics
  26. Take a dance lesson with your partner
  27.  Be on the radio