This section of the bucket list is for outdoor activities! I have a big fear of the creepy crawlies so I tend to stay indoors! Let’s see how far down this path we can go!

  1. Go on a hayride
  2. Start a campfire
  3. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day
  4. Ride in a canoe or kayak
  5. Go caroling
  6. Go rollerblading
  7. Ride a Segway
  8. Go to a farm   We love our local farm! Here’s our latest visit Why You Need To Visit A Pumpkin Patch
  9. Swim at a public pool
  10. Go to a lake
  11. Drive/Ride a motorcycle
  12. Identify 10 constellations
  13. Climb a rock wall
  14. Climb a tree
  15. Toss a coin into a wishing well or fountain
  16. Build a snowman
  17. Bury a time capsule
  18. Take a jumping pic
  19. Take the scenic route
  20. Ride in a limo
  21. Dress fancy to go somewhere mundane
  22. Change a flat tire
  23. Zipline
  24. Jump off a diving board
  25. Slide down a water slide
  26. Ride a rollercoaster
  27. Carve a pumpkin
  28. Plant a tree
  29. Geocache
  30. Plant a garden
  31. Attach notes to balloons and release them
  32. Get a tan
  33. Go camping
  34. Release sky lanterns
  35. Tour a vineyard
  36. Sleep under the stars
  37. Take a hike
  38. Star Gaze
  39. Feed the ducks
  40. Spend the day at the beach
  41. Shop at a flea market
  42. Walk in the rain
  43. Nap in a hammock
  44. Go bike riding
  45. Go sledding
  46. Have a marshmallow war
  47. Go four-wheeling
  48. Watch a car race
  49. Get lost on purpose
  50. Have a water balloon/gun fight
  51. Build and fly a kite
  52. Find an Event Calendar for your city
  53. Take a morning jog
  54. Go on evening walks
  55. Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
  56. Participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt
  57. Participate in Free Hugs
  58. Go Dog-Sledding
  59. Build a tree house
  60. Build a blanket fort
  61. Be in a Jacuzzi in the snow
  62. Go to a haunted house
  63. Go bird watching
  64. Picnic in the park
  65. Use an inflatable pool (filled with pillows and blankets) to lay under the stars in
  66. Jump in a pile of leaves
  67. Hug a Redwood
  68. Watch a solar eclipse2018
  69. Watch a lunar eclipse 2019
  70. Find a four-leaf clover
  71. Participate in Earth Hour
  72. Do a cold plunge
  73. Do an Easter Egg hunt
  74. Create your own scavenger hunt