Professional & Educational

I’ve always prided myself on my professional ambition and finally, I can list out a more permanent set of goals for the things I would like to achieve in my life. I’m driven by success and completing these goals, big or small, motivate me to keep up the good work. I hope this list can inspire you to work towards success in your career choices! Let me know in the comments below what field you’re in and feel free to brag a little about yourself, you’ve earned it!

  1. Create a stunning resume
  2. Create passive income
  3. Start a business
  4. Sell your business
  5. Make $100 from a blog
  6. Live below my means
  7. Create a Savings account of more than $1000
  8. Create a net worth of $1M
  9. Create a portfolio of your work
  10. Make $100 in transcription work
  11. Make $100 in editing work
  12. Obtain your high school diploma
  13. Continue your education  Went back to school in August 2018!
  14. Complete your Degree – Business Administration  AA
  15. Become a Notary Public Yay!! I did it! Read about it here!
  16. Become CPR certified
  17. Host a seminar about what I’ve learned
  18. Write a book
  19. Do a live Nearly Fearless Facebook video
  20. Publish a book
  21. Be on TV
  22. Teach a class
  23. Go to a job fair
  24. Generate $100 in book revenue
  25. Get a professional logo made!
  26. Get 25 likes on my blog
  27. Get 50 likes on my blog
  28. Get 75 likes on my blog
  29. Get 100 likes on my blog
  30. Get 200 likes on my blog
  31. Get 15 followers on my blog
  32. Get 25 followers on my blog
  33. Get 50 followers on my blog
  34. Get 50 views on my blog
  35. Get 100 views on my blog
  36. Get 200 views on my blog
  37. Get 500 views on my blog
  38. Publish 15 posts on my blog
  39. Publish 30 posts on my blog
  40. Publish 50 posts on my blog
  41. Publish 100 posts on my blog
  42. Start a Facebook page for my blog
  43. Make Nearly Fearless T-Shirts
  44. Start a Youtube channel
  45. Post my first video
  46. Write a business plan
  47. Create a personal budget
  48. Create a financial budget
  49. Become the CEO of your home
  50. Get your Bachelor’s Degree in Business
  51. Make $100 in translation work
  52. Make $100 in resume work
  53. Get ordained
  54. Learn how to network
  55. Become a life coach
  56. Attend school for stenography
  57. Work as a stenographer
  58. Complete a first aid course
  59. Learn how to pick a lock
  60. Receive a fan letter
  61. Attend a high school reunion
  62. Learn military time
  63. Learn the metric system (I KNOW. It just doesn’t make sense to me haha!)
  64. Learn Roman Numerals (I forgot most of them!)
  65. Get certified in Excel Spreadsheets
  66. Join Revv
  67. Create a formal financial plan
  68. Create and Organize a Home Operations Binder

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