This section is about all the goodies that I want but haven’t invested in yet! It’s a master wish list of sorts of things that I would like to own. Take a look and see if I missed any worth-while items!

  1. A nice camera with case and tripod
  2. I really want a Kitchen Aid Mixer!
  3. Wax Pot
  4. One really nice outfit
  5. A steam shower
  6. A Jacuzzi
  7. A new bed frame and mattress!
  8. New slippers 😀
  9. A silk robe
  10. The perfect little black dress
  11. An old, first-edition book
  12. Steno Machine
  13. A nice picnic basket
  14. Buy a full tea set
  15. Have a sushi dish set
  16. Have a Sake set
  17. Have nice dinnerware
  18. Use a weighted blanket
  19. Buy a new hat
  20. Buy a Nintendo Switch
  21. Get a spacetime coordinates pendant
  22. Have a star map of an important event
  23. Name a Star
  24. Buy the Rug from Aladdin
  25. Buy the comb from Mulan
  26. Buy or build a craft storage unit
  27. Buy a set of Tarot cards
  28. Own Tiffany Jewelry
  29. Buy a Roomba
  30. Buy the certificate to be a Lady of Sealand
  31. Buy a Build-a-Bear
  32. Buy a MONQ R  Read my review of it here!

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