Sports and Fitness

I am not a very coordinated individual, so sports have never been my thing. I’m determined to at least try these items, even if I’m not very good at them! This list will include sports or fitness related tasks including exercise! Let’s get fit!

  1. Climb a rock wall
  2. Learn Self Defense
  3. Learn 5 yoga poses
  4. Do yoga 1x a week for 12 weeks
  5. Do yoga 3x a week for a month
  6. Do one pull-up
  7. Do one push up
  8. Accomplish 3 pull-ups
  9. Achieve my ideal weight
  10. Achieve six-pack abs
  11. Be able to do a one-handed push-up
  12. be able to do a backflip
  13. Be able to do a roundhouse kick
  14. Do the splits
  15. Do all the Fitness Marshall Dance Videos
  16. Do a half moon yoga pose
  17. Bench press my own weight
  18. Learn Karate
  19. Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  20. Complete a 4-hour body challenge
  21. Complete 90 days of P90X
  22. Complete 60-day insanity
  23. Do a handstand
  24. Complete a color run
  25. Complete a couch to 5k challenge
  26. Finish 1st place
  27. Lose ten pounds
  28. Feel good about the way you look
  29. Take a kick-boxing class
  30. Attend a boxing match
  31. Meet TJ Dillashaw
  32. Take a pole dancing class
  33. Take a yoga class  Recently just started taking a class again and I’m in LOVE. Read about it here.
  34. Learn how to Ice skate
  35. Learn how to snowboard
  36. Shoot a basket in basketball
  37. Workout like a superhero (One Punch Challenge)
  38. Take a progress photo and post it
  39. Play Volleyball
  40. Go to a basketball game
  41. Go to a baseball game
  42. Go to a football game
  43. Get scuba certified
  44. Go deep sea diving