Things that scare me!

If I went to the doctor for it, I’m sure I would be diagnosed with arachnophobia – fear of spiders. The creepy crawlies really get me so checking off some of these things on this particular bucket list is going to be a challenge.  Many of my reaction videos will be posted via my social media accounts. Be sure to check them out! I’m sure they’ll be hilarious!

*Some of these may be triggers for people that have disorders like mine. Do not attempt these if you’re not ready for them.

  1. Hold a tarantula!!
  2. Let a snake wrap around my arm, neck, or waist
  3. Do a cage dive with sharks
  4. Speak in public
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Take an airplane
  7. Meet a wolf in person
  8. Ride a horse
  9. Meet a bear in person
  10. Wrestle a crocodile
  11. Try a sensory deprivation tank
  12. Do a trust fall
  13. Collect honey from a beehive
  14. Go on a ghost hunt
  15. Disconnect from your cell phone for a day
  16. Be blind for a day
  17. Do a seance
  18. Use an Ouija board
  19. Shoot a gun
  20. Go to a shooting range
  21. Drive into a big city without GPS
  22. Donate blood
  23. Shoot a bow and arrow
  24. Go Cliff Diving
  25. Bungee Jumping
  26. Dinner in the sky (eating in a hot air balloon!)
  27. Cross a suspension bridge
  28. Do a sub-zero plunge in an ice hole
  29. Go boarding down a volcano
  30. Wingsuit flying
  31. Go deep sea diving
  32. Attend an open casket funeral
  33. Scale a mountain
  34. Travel alone
  35. Go hang gliding
  36. Dance on a bar
  37. Have a boudoir photo shoot
  38. Quit your job to follow your dreams
  39. Dance naked in the mirror
  40.  Share a truly ugly picture of yourself on social media
  41. Wear a corset

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