When you think of a traditional bucket list, you think of travel. Travel can be really expensive and deter people from doing a bucket list. I grew up rather poor and didn’t travel as much as I would have liked to, so I’ve gathered a list of all the places I want to see, small or big, for my future vacations. They aren’t in any particular order, just whatever came to mind. Take a look and see if you’ve been to any of these places!

  1. Cross the equator
  2. Take a road trip across the US
  3. Visit a new state
  4. Take a cruise
  5. Add a lock to Lovers Bridge in France
  6. Create a travel journal
  7. Take a cruise to Alaska
  8. Visit the Everglades
  9. Visit Asheville We live 45 minutes away! 😀
  10. Visit Hawaii
  11. See a volcano
  12. See the Grand  Canyon
  13. Go to Washington DC
  14. Explore Chernobyl
  15. Visit Colorado
  16. Go to a medieval fair
  17. Go to Dollywood
  18. Eat KFC in Kentucky
  19. Eat Maple Syrup pancakes in Canada
  20. Visit Spain
  21. See the waterways in Italy
  22. Cross the Canadian Border
  23. Create a travel fund We bought a cheap shadowbox and cut a hole in the top to drop our change into. It sits in our living area as a reminder to get out and explore!
    travel fund
  24. See the Caribbean
  25. Visit the next city over
  26. See the bio-luminescent ocean
  27. Listen to the Wave Organ in San Francisco
  28. Find a tiny island to visit for the day
  29. Sleep in a lighthouse
  30. Visit Seattle
  31. Go to NYC
  32. Visit California
  33. Be a tourist in your own city
  34. See a Glacier
  35. Climb a mountain
  36. Hike the Appalachian
  37. Visit Germany
  38. Visit Australia
  39. See Brazil
  40. Visit Mexico
  41. Go to Puerto Rico
  42. Go to London
  43. Take a day trip somewhere new
  44. See Japan
  45. Play in the ocean
  46. Rent a cabin in Virginia
  47. Go to a secluded beach
  48. See the Great Lakes
  49. Go to Evermore Park in Utah
  50. Go to Legoland
  51. Ride on a train
  52. Ride on a motorcycle
  53. Test drive an expensive car
  54. Ride on a plane
  55. Ride in a helicopter
  56. Take a weekend trip somewhere new
  57. Stay in a hotel for more than one night
  58. Go to a museum  Check out my latest visit here!
  59. Sleep in a houseboat
  60. Go to a renaissance festival
  61. Go to NASCAR
  62. Touch a pyramid
  63. Stand at the “Four Corners”
  64. Drive Route 66
  65. Drive on the Dragons Tail
  66. Pose with a figure at the Wax Museum
  67. Pose with a Hollywood Star
  68. Visit the Hollywood sign
  69. Visit all 50 states – Check out my (sad) progress here!
  70. Visit all the cities in your state
  71. Visit the Florida Underwater Museum
  72. See the plane crash site at Water Rock Knob
  73. Visit the Blue Ridge Parkway
  74. Visit Giethoorn Village in the Netherlands